“Here I am Lord, Send Me”
Isaiah 6:8

My journey began in 2006, when I graduated High School in Lake Geneva, Wisconsin and wanted nothing more then to serve God.  God started calling me then to leave my plans and follow the abundant life that He had for me.  I didn’t know where God would lead me, and I certainly never imagined that God would take me on this path.  Looking back on my journey, I wouldn’t change anything for everything. God has used every step of my journey to prepare me for the next and I’m eager to see where this journey will continue to take me.

In 2006 I spent 6 months going through Youth With A Mission’s Discipleship Training School in Kenya.  I returned back to Wisconsin to continue my education, but trusting God would fulfill his promise and bring me back to Kenya, where I felt my purpose come alive.  Every year I returned to Kenya serving with Good News Community Center, bringing  a mission team every year.  I would spend my summers, building mud huts, digging gardens, playing with orphans, showing Jesus to widows, falling more in love with Kenya and chasing God’s purpose for my life.

The summer of 2012, I will be packing and moving to Kenya to take the next stop in God’s journey for my life.  I will be serving full-time with Good News Community Center in Kisumu, Kenya alongside an admirable leadership team.  Not only has God given me a purpose and love for Kenya, but God has blessed me with a man of God, Fred, that shares the same heart for missions and God’s children as I do.

The next step in my journey, is a step of faith, but a step that I know God has lead me to take.  I know that moving to Kenya will be difficult, challenging and trying, but I also know that God has called us to bring His name to the ends of the Earth, and for me, that is Kenya.  It won’t be an easy road, but it will lead me to experience more and MORE of Christ, which is a road that I never want to stray from.


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