September Newsletter!

Jambo friends & family! 

I hope you had a great summer and you are getting ready to welcome the fall with open arms! 
God has been so good to us in Kenya! We had a fantastic end to our summer with 3 camps, our 2nd anniversary and 1 church plant- along with many more exciting things that you can read about in our September Newsletter!
Before you go on about your day, I want to give you 5 reasons you NEED to read our newsletter!
1. It will make us happy! As if that reason isn’t enough…let me continue…
2. You can get the inside scoop of our ministry! Our struggles and God’s victories! 
3. You will learn how to pray for us this month and what to thank God for! We see such an impact when God’s people stand with us in prayer!
4. You are a part of our ministry, what we complete in Kenya, isn’t by ourselves alone. You play an important role- in encouragement, prayer and financial support- so read about the impact you made this month, and lets give God the glory together!
5. You can learn how to get involved! There is so much you can do to get involved! Come and serve, give out of love and pray without ceasing!! 
I also wanted to include some goodies for you! Three awesome videos of our camps this summer! Seriously, these will make you smile, please take the time to check them out! – Awana Camp in Kisumu – Awana Camp in Ouya – Youth Camp in Kisumu
Click here to view our Newsletter online:  September Newsletter
Lastly, please, we would love to hear back from you! Tell us about your summer and let us how we can pray for you! We miss our family and friends, and nothing brings us joy like hearing from you! So if you have time, send us a line- it would bless us! 
Your Kenya Missionaries,
Fred, Holly & Lucy Okoth
September 14 Newsletter 1
September 14 Newsletter 2September 14 Newsletter 3

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