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Father’s Day with the fatherless

This Father’s Day Weekend was special, not because I had quality time with my father, or because Lucy and I did something special for Fred, but solely because we spent it with the fatherless- The orphaned children who didn’t have a father, some even a mother to call their own, to give a hug and say Happy Father’s Day.

BUT- we made it special for them- because in eyes of the Lord, surely they aren’t fatherless, they are deeply loved by the Father! 

Saturday we traveled to Ouya Village to meet with all of our sponsored children and their guardians. We met with each one one-on-one counseled them, encouraged them and made them feel loved! We also performed health assessments, tested each child for HIV and prepared updates for their sponsors. We also enjoyed a meal together and played, God is good! 

 Happy Father’s Day to not only fathers, but anyone who plays a father-role in someone’s life! Your love is special!


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