Sermon at Trinity Church

It’s almost been two weeks since I’ve been home from the States. Fred welcomed be back when he picked me up from the Nairobi Airport on the 28th. A missionary friend of ours from Kisumu had traveled on the same plane as Fred to Nairobi and when she saw us together she quick took a picture of our beaming smiles as we were happy to be back together.


We spent two days in Nairobi before we headed home to see Lucy. She LOVED all of her gifts from home!





It’s been good to be back home in Kenya. What am I doing now you ask? Cleaning my house so it’s spotless when my mom comes to visit on the 24th! We can’t wait to have her with us for two weeks! Lucy and Fred are very excited to see her again.


Being back in the States was so enjoyable! I enjoyed sharing at both St. John’s and Trinity about what God has been doing in Kenya. If you missed an opportunity to hear me at one of the churches…Below is a link to the video and or audio of my message at Trinity Church on February 23rd.

Message: Holly Okoth at Trinity Church 


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March 13, 2014 · 10:01 am

One response to “Sermon at Trinity Church

  1. Mom don’t have to clean your house! Can’t wait!!!

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