Airport Appreciations

It’s Wednesday at 3:30pm- and I’m at O’hare Airport- getting ready to board my 4:45 flight back home- home to Fred & Lucy.

The airport is one of my favorite places- and one of the places I dread the most. It is where reuniting happens- and it is where goodbyes are said. Today goodbyes were said- and in 24 hours reuniting will happen. Lots of emotions, lots of changing emotions. But one thing remains- He is Lord- and He is good- He brings joy, He is love- and He also lets Skype happen! 🙂 

For the last hour- I’ve had time to reflect on my last two weeks at home, in Wisconsin. In some ways I feel like it has gone too fast- and in some ways I feel like I’ve been away from Fred and Lucy forever!!!
However, as I reflect- I’m appreciative. Therefore- we have airport appreciations 🙂 

I’m thankful for Fred & Lucy who were happy for me to go be with my family.
I’m thankful for my family who has spoiled me like crazy when I was home. 
I’m thankful for our churches who continues to care, love, give and pray!
I’m thankful for my friends- that allow our relationships to pick up where we left them.
I’m thankful for all of the encouraging words I’ve heard and continue to hear.
I’m thankful for the community that loves and understands. 
I’m thankful for my host who opened their home to me. 
And….I’m thankful to God, for letting all of this happen!

I’ve read a lot of material saying how re-entry can be difficult-but I’m so thankful that the community that has surrounded me has made my re-entry to be enjoyable and refreshing! 

So thank you- because- if you’re reading this- chances are you’re one of the many that I’m thankful for! 
It’s an honor to be your family, your friends, your missionary. 

Asante sana- Thank you very much! 
See you soon! 


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