I had some fun yesterday with some of our Awana children. Kids in Kenya are not only amazing at singing- but they are great at leading songs. During Awana and Sunday School they are the ones that normally lead all of the songs. We try to make videos to share with Trinity’s Awana Club to help them learn about Awana Kenya and Kenya’s culture. So I wanted to share with you too!

So there are two short basic songs- I love you Jesus & Touch Me Jesus. They are in 3 languages- English (first) Swahili (second) and Luo (third). An interesting thing about Kenyan’s, is that educated Kenyans-including our children- are linguistic, they know at least 3 languages if not more. English & Swahili are Kenya’s national languages- English is mostly learned in school as they grow up. Swahili is also spoke in school but not as much- this is mostly the day to day talk in cities and between different tribes. Luo is one of the 42 tribes in Kenya- each tribe has their own language, so in Kenya over 42 languages are spoken! Confusion central for me! Kisumu, the area we are located is predominantly Luo’s- so Luo is spoken within tribes and families. 

 So check out this video to hear songs in English, Swahili and Luo!

Crazy, huh? Fred can speak 3 languages fluently, but can hear and speak some of 5 languages. Lucy only knew Luo when she moved in and in the last year has become almost fluent in English. In January Lucy is transferring schools and in her new school she is ahead in English, but behind in Swahili so over her school break she is being tutored by one of our church members, Rebecca, who is waiting for a sponsor to become a certified teacher. I think I should sit in on some of her lessons 🙂



Another fun fact- Swahili, Kenya’s national langauge, is also the “Lion King Language”

Hakuna matata- no worries
Simba means lion
Nala means gift
Rafiki means friend
Pumbaa means stunned or slow wittied
Kovu means scar
Rafiki’s song ‘Asante sana, squash banana, we we nuga, mi mi apana’ means ‘thank you very much, squash banana, your a baboon and i’m not’

Hope you enjoyed your Swahili lesson, have a great day! 


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