They grow up so fast!

It’s summer time! Today is Lucy’s first day of summer. They new school year begins in January- wahoo!  Fred and I have been talking about bringing Lucy to a new school next year. The school that she was at this year was a great transition school for her. Now that she is more fluent in English and on track with her education we took her to another school near by “Disciples of Mercy” to be interviewed to join them the next school year.

When Lucy came to stay with us in December, we took her to her current school and they told us she is to be brought back a year because she is far behind in her education. We agreed and thought it would be best for Lucy. So over the past year, Fred and I as well as her teachers have been working hard with her to get on track. She’s been doing great. When we took her to be interviewed and tested at her new school they told us they wanted to jump her ahead a grade. God is good! We were thrilled to hear that all the hard work has paid off! 



We are so proud of her! However this great news came with some sad news for Lucy…because she is skipping a grade she won’t be graduating Kindergarten this year….she was very sad about this. She has watched the kids practice in school, saw their gowns and caps and she wasn’t very happy that she wouldn’t have that chance next year. 

So today, the first day of summer, we had a special graduation ceremony for Lucy!

Even her friends came to see her graduate, Mr. Puppet, Miss. Barbie and Baby Dolly, she greeted them when she entered the ceremony


Fred welcomed the guests and the graduate. Lucy couldn’t stop smiling! 


We shared a word of encouragement, congratulated her for all of her hard work and presented her with a home made graduation cap and her diploma! 




Then we were entertained with a great dance number!

 We ended with praying for her that she may grow to know God more and be used and sent by Him. It was a great start to our day, thank you God! 




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  1. Stacy Camalieri

    LOOOOVE IT!!! No, I’m not crying…why would you say that?? Now you know how it feels to be a MOM!! SO PROUD OF YOU LUCY!!XO Date: Fri, 22 Nov 2013 09:18:52 +0000 To:

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