Excelling in Education

It’s so sweet to see God’s faithfulness!
Around this time last year, a month after we got married, Fred spent a lot of time traveling back and forth to the village to oversee our preschool project. We were constructing our first pre school in Ouya Vilage.


To be honest, we weren’t sure how the first year would go in the new school. The school was still very new in the community and we had a new teacher.  But yesterday took away all of our doubt! We saw the first class of 12 students graduate Kindergarten! 
(Kenya schools start at 3 years old, they first attend baby class, (4k)middle class and then final class. After final class (5k) they graduate and head to 1st grade! All three classes of preschool are called “Nursery School.” At the end of every term and the end of the year, students take an exam, yes even preschoolers!
Our graduating class went to the nearby public school to take their interview exam to join their schools 1st grade next year. We hope to be ready to start 1st grade in 2015, but we aren’t ready yet this year.  Our students tested on top compared to the other schools in the village! Praise God. 
We are so proud of the students, the teachers and our school director. We didn’t know how this year would go- but God did- we are happy that we are allowing these students to receive great education! We hope in years to come we can continue adding grade levels so we can have a full primary school. 


We also want to thank both of our mission teams that came out this year to help with the preschool- providing a great playground that attracts even higher enrollment of students. They also provided some awesome teaching curriculum and resources. So thankful! Hopefully our next team that comes out can help us build our new school 🙂 Who’s ready to come serve in Kenya?



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