7 years ago, straight out of High School, first time to leave the country- I embarked on a 6 month journey through YWAM (Youth With A Mission) and stepped foot on African soil for the first time. Last week Fred & I had the pleasure of hosting three of our teammates in our home for a week. It was a wonderful time laughing and sharing memories. In some ways we haven’t changed at all and in some ways we’ve grown and changed so much.
One night after dinner, the three of them said, “Holly you’ve really changed so much.”
I was taken back by this comment because I kept telling them that they have remained the same over the past 7 years….the same sense of humor, the same love language, the same ways of doing things.
I was encouraged when they said…You’ve turned into such a mother. You can tell how much you have changed by how much you care and love your family, you’ve become so responsible.
My heart melted. These are some of the people that know me the most- my strengths my weaknesses- they have spent 6 months with me, living in a small dorm- some weeks in a small hut together-  I couldn’t help but thank God for turning me into who I am today.
Of course later…when I said and did something crazy and they told me I haven’t changed 🙂
It’s a good balance 😉
I’ m so thankful God has kept our relationships over the last 7 years. 1 of my teammates was in my wedding, 1 visited last October for a few weeks with her husband and these three came for a special reunion. Can’t wait until we can all be together.



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