Once a month our family heads to the village to worsihp with our sister congregation and the widows and orphans we serve with. A lot of our day to day ministry happens within our church here in Kisumu, and it’s hard to step away on a Sunday to worship in the village, but we love doing it!

We had a great monring as Fred preached and encouraged the church.
As we continue to do this monthly, we hope that God will grow the church in the village and it will enable us to spread the Gospel and disciple more people. We want to bring Awana to the village soon, but it’s been difficult because all of the curriculum is in English. We are praying to have a children ministry in the village once a month, that will have the set up of Awana- so that as we worship there on Sunday, after church we will have a feeding program and then we can have Awana with the children. We’re praying God would bring this to pass. As I sat in the fronton Sunday looking outside the door behind Fred, God showed me that their is so much potential in the village. So many chances to serve and share the love of Christ.


Lucy’s sitting on top of a mattress that we bought for Fred’s Dad- God blessed us with a small car this year. It enables us to move freely for ministry and we love it! But days like today- we sure feel the “smallness” of it :).

After we ministered in Ouya Village, we went to our “home” in the village- where Fred’s Dad and brothers live. In Luo (Fred’s tribe) culture, everyone has a “home” in the village with family. Even as we rent out house in Kisumu, we also have a house in our home in the village. A home is considered the land where the houses of the family members are established. So at our home, Dad has a house- his house is straight in front of the gate and then all of the sons are to build a house to the left and right of the parents house. So all of these houses/huts combined make up the HOME.

We’ve gone home for day trips over the last year, but haven’t had the chance to stay for the night since we were married. I love our home- Dad, brothers and everything. It’s very rustic- it’s very sad to see our family living in poverty. We help them with what we can now- but it never seems like it’s enough to advance their living standards. But despite the impoverished lifestyle- it’s home, and our family makes this home so special, we feel so at home there.
Here are some of the pictures of our time at home!
Our house at home 🙂 I think we will do some renovating soon! 🙂
I bet you didn’t know I could cook dinner over a fire…neither did I!
I got a headlamp the other day- perfect when we don’t have electricity!
Dad, Fred, Lucy and brohters, Kevin & Elijah in front of Dad’s house.

Lucy with a 2 week old lamb 🙂

We had a great couple days at home with family 🙂 Please pray for them. Kevin, is starting college in January and Elijah is in 8th grade. We had a great time talking as a family for future plans and how God can provide for them. Pray these things will come to pass.

Now we’re back in Kisumu ready for a great week of ministry! I’m off to edit some video footage I took last week for a testimony video of our Sponsorship program and Fred is at church helping connect our new electricity! 🙂 God is good. Thanks for your prayers and partnership!


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October 1, 2013 · 10:08 am

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  1. mario camalieri

    Great work you guys do. Miss you so much…Love Dad

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