I thank God for last week, it was a memorable and highlight of my ministry so far.

A few months ago Pastor James, our director, brought a boy to my attention within our church. He was deaf. Pastor James told me to take a picture of him and see if we could find a sponsor for him. It was just before teams arrived and my head was spinning like a crazy women- which I’m sure I represented very well.

I rushed to take a picture, tried talking to his mom, but language got in the way and finding someone to translate was difficult. So I left it like that- because I knew in the upcoming months, finding someone to sponsor the child would be difficult as we would be consumed with teams coming. Especially because this boy and the family would need a lot of time to get started in the program as we would need to search and find him a deaf school- which we knew of none in the area. But this slender and tall boy was continuing to be brought to my mind among the chaos this summer. I would say a quick prayer for him and then dismiss it and turn to the next thing. But God had bigger plans for this sweet boy, named Joseph.

When our first team was here- a women who was a Sign Language Interpreter, told me how she would like to sponsor two more children. Immediately, this sweet boy’s face came to my mind.

Thank you God, for you know all of our needs and fill them.

I told her about Joseph and she was thrilled…

So over the last month Fred and I have had some great time with the family. Joseph is 11 years old, knows no sign language, only communicates through hand signals and has never been to school. His parents are proud of him and love him. He is the second born of six children and he loves smiling with his big white teeth.

Through reaching out to my missionary community in Kisumu, I was able to find a school about 45 minutes outside of Kisumu, Maseno School for the Deaf.

Over about a two week period of time, Fred, Joseph and his parents made several trips to Maseno, preparing him, filling out evaluations, doing assessments and getting him prepared to start boarding school, as of last week.

We have many children in our sponsorship program, but why is this child, family and sponsorship case so sweet to my heart? I fell in love with the family and Joseph so fast and the day we dropped him off at school, I think I cried more than his parents! I love that God connected the child with a sponsor that I know will love Him, pray for his family. They have a sweet connection that only God can ordain. But I think the main reason I loved watching God bring Joseph to school was because of Christ’s promise to us- that he would give us a hopeful future.

Hope. Joseph and his family never knew hope. They often got hopeful when other community pastors would recognize their son was deaf and promise to take him to school-but never did. The father told Fred, before he was brought to school last week- You may think I’m not excited or thankful for this, but I am. But you will see my real excitement when he is actually in school. The father had been through the process so many times, it was hard or him to have full hope that his son Joseph would finally have his first day of school, at 11 years old.

Joseph has hope. He has a hopeful future and a chance. He may have felt invisible- but He was never invisible to Christ. But Jesus always saw him and always had a plan for him. There is hope in Christ, and their is a future for Joseph.


If you want to help bring HOPE to a child in Kenya, please contact me about sponsoring a child for $35 a month- to bring the hope of Christ to your child and their family.




September 17, 2013 · 8:21 am

2 responses to “Hope

  1. Mom n Dad

    This brightened a rather sad day I have been having…I am so thrilled for Joseph and his family and for the opportunities he now has. Praise our great God! I look forward to more photos and updates. Sending thanksgiving, love and hugs for all you and Fred are doing!

  2. calebsgrannie

    How wonderful for JOSEPH.. and his family and for YOU HOLLY!!
    Rejoicing with you. Thanks for sharing what GOD is doing.
    Love, Anne

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