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Teachin’ them to fish!

Teaching them to fish…

It’s harder to teach them to fish, than to give them fish.
But at the end of the day, it’s empowering!
Working with the widows and have been both encouraging and rewarding, but also it has had it’s challenges. Especially when it has come to income generating projects. Some ideas we have had are good (sewing project) some of the ideas we’ve started don’t produce as much fruit as you would want, therefore sustainability is difficult.

We’ve recently ventured into a new project- jewelry making!
It seems to be a hit with the widows- and they have been working hard to complete an order to send to the US this summer…

Our prayer is that this would enable and empower these women to stand on their provide for their families, to be lifted out of poverty and sickness.

Pray with us, please.



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