Blessings from Strangers!

Recently we were able to bless four members of our church with new bikes! Now…bikes in the US are most commonly used for enjoyment, however bikes in Kenya are one of the primary modes of transportation for the average Kenyan, if they have one! Bikes are used for transporting goods, cutting down on walking time and in these four individuals lives, sharing the love of Christ!

About a month a friend from home, Tess, passed by our house for two nights, as her team continued in the World Race. Tess said she knew someone at home who donates bikes to people who need them, and a few short weeks later we had a blessing from a complete stranger. Someone who I didn’t know, someone who didn’t know the ministry, but someone who knew how to share the love of Christ with the least of these. Praise God!

Check out these four individuals who received bikes and their story! If you click on the image, it will get bigger!
Thank you God for giving people passion for the least of these. You don’t need to be in Kenya to love on Kenyans…the body of Christ is a beautiful thing! Image


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