Birthdays in Kenya

Today we celebrated the life of Fred as he celebrated his 31st birthday for the first time ever! ImageWhen Fred and I got engaged we agreed that we wouldn’t base our marriage on one culture of the other. Of course in some situations one of our cultures is stronger than the other….and when it comes to birthdays, mine wins! 🙂 Not that it’s a competition or anything 😉

Fred turned 31 today, and it was the first time he ever recognized his birthday. He received a package from my parents this week for his birthday and asked me why it was so early, he had no idea his birthday was to be this Friday.

So I decided to make his birthday extra special…started with surprise balloons and gifts out of bed, then we headed to youth camp all day and we ate cake (another surprise). After camp was over for the day, we had all of our youth leaders over for dinner. It was a great celebration, filled with food, dancing and lots of laughter!


At the end of the night, everyone was insisting we do this for everyone’s birthday. They shared how it really helps unite us all as a church family. How true!

Today I’m thankful for Fred’s life that God has given him, and I celebrate that knowing that He has called him to a greater purpose for the glory of God.





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  1. Cindy

    Good tradition to add in Kenya!

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