Awana’s coming to Kenya!

Awana International training here we come! Getting excited to go with another Sunday School teacher to a week long training in Nairobi. Even more excited to start Awana in Kenya :)…but it sure makes me miss Trinity Church’s awesome Awana Team and kids! Made some great memories with some great people and now I’m excited to do the same here. Thank you God!

Please pray for us as we travel tomorrow and come back next Saturday. The Sunday School teacher that is coming with me is thrilled to have this training opportunity. Pray that we enjoy this time together and help us get wisdom on how to bring this program effectively to Good News in Kisumu.


Also, in the next week, they will be some political decision/announcements concerning the past election. Please continue to pray that peace dwells in Kenya.

Praise God! Lucy was diagnosed with Malaria earlier this week and is doing great now. We were able to take her to the doctor to get the necessary treatment and now we are just taking things slow with her to make sure she gains her strength back.

Thanks for partnering with us in prayers this week!


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