Election Update

Kenya’s Election Update: Thank you for praying for Kenya’s Election. They are still in the process of tailing votes for the outcome. So far things seem to be peaceful in Kenya, with only a little violence the morning of elections, with several police officers being shot. We’ve heard that their are many police officers stationed all over Kisumu and Kenya to help secure safety. Please pray that after results are announced, peace will remain in Kenya. If you want to read more on the election, here is a great article-

Kenya’s 2013 Election

We safely made it to Tanzania this weekend. We thank God that funds were provided to ensure our families safety during the election.

We are staying at a Lutheran Conference Center in Moshi, Tanzania, right next to beautiful Mount Kilimanjaro!




Lucy also went on her first playground!


Lucy is loving the playground where we are staying this week! She has now mastered one of the few english sentences she knows…’I want to go play!’ Thank you God for some much needed family time 🙂

We will keep you updated on the elections and atmosphere in Kenya. We are praying for the best. So far, we are very impressed by the peace and security in Kenya and pray that this will carry on after the results.

Thanks for always supporting, encouraging and caring for us.


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  1. bdmetke

    We are thankful for you holly and Fred. If anyone would follow me let them take up their cross daily…  Thanks for your inspiration. PB

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