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Awana’s coming to Kenya!

Awana International training here we come! Getting excited to go with another Sunday School teacher to a week long training in Nairobi. Even more excited to start Awana in Kenya :)…but it sure makes me miss Trinity Church’s awesome Awana Team and kids! Made some great memories with some great people and now I’m excited to do the same here. Thank you God!

Please pray for us as we travel tomorrow and come back next Saturday. The Sunday School teacher that is coming with me is thrilled to have this training opportunity. Pray that we enjoy this time together and help us get wisdom on how to bring this program effectively to Good News in Kisumu.


Also, in the next week, they will be some political decision/announcements concerning the past election. Please continue to pray that peace dwells in Kenya.

Praise God! Lucy was diagnosed with Malaria earlier this week and is doing great now. We were able to take her to the doctor to get the necessary treatment and now we are just taking things slow with her to make sure she gains her strength back.

Thanks for partnering with us in prayers this week!


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One of the most comforting and encouraging things of being a missionary is our prayer community. There is something about it when you live by faith, everyday…all of your struggles, concerns, joys, celebrations, needs can be shared with our Christian community that we know lift us up in prayer, praise our God, thank our God for his abundant blessings.

It was very uplifting knowing that our family was covered in prayer during Kenya’s elections. We knew that wherever we went, God was before us, besides us and behind us, protecting us, leading us and providing for us. As many of you know, our family lives 100% off of church and individual sponsorship. So having a situation where we needed to flee Kenya to insecure safety wasn’t expected, therefore we thank God that He used different means to provide and protect us. We serve a God that knows what we will need when we will need it even before we do.

Please continue to pray for Kenya, we thank God that elections were peaceful, however it seems like through some court cases, we may have a long political journey ahead of us. We will continue to go where God calls us, if that is a matter of leaving Kenya again, we will let you know. It’s hard to foresee much into the future when we are trying to plan, while not knowing what adventures this court case will bring us.

Please also keep my family in your prayers as we trust that God will continue to open doors for us. The apartment that we are living in now has been a great transition into living here, but we are currently looking to move to a new apartment. We haven’t had running water in almost 6 week and this has been something that has never been consistent since we lived here, with not having water at least 60-70% of the time. Some of our neighbors have had theft issue, so we are looking to moving to a place that has better security. The apartment that we are looking at has dependable water, 24 hour security, and will allow us to host our mission teams that come.

This is about 10 minutes from where we are now and it’s up on a hill/mountain, so we are praying that God gives us peace and opens doors if this is where he wants us to move to. We love the neighborhood that we are in now, and that is something that we would be very sad to leave. Because of the location of the apartment, we are working towards saving to buy a vehicle to help us be more available to the church and mid-week ministries, along with traveling to the village more frequently. Right now we use public transportation all the time, which is expensive, unreliable and not always the safest mode of transport. So we believe a vehicle will help us for both personal and ministry use. This is one thing we are trying to trust God for before we make the move.

Please join us in prayer:

-A safe post-election/court process

-Peace and confirmation to move to a new apartment

-A vehicle for ministry and personal use

-Our water would come back!


Praise God for:

-We traveled safe to Tanzania and back home

-Kenya has had a peaceful election

-We are all healthy

-Fred and the worship team are recording their worship CD this week

-Lucy is doing great, catching up and learning fast!

-My dependency pass has finally been processed!



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Hope for the future

‎”Before I came to Good News, I had no family, no parents, no friends, no hope, no future. Holly, now I can tell you, I have a family, I have parents/guardians, I have friends. But more importantly, I have hope. I have a future. I used to be called “the hopeless one” but now, I know God has a plan for me.”

This was a beautiful testimony from a young youth member who has no family. He was kidnapped at the age of 6 years old and was at several orphanages growing up. They tried to trace his family and his home when he was older but couldn’t find anyone. He shared with me that at times he felt so alone and hopeless he had many thoughts of suicide growing up. 

 Right after our wedding, Good News started to take care of and provide a home for him. We have helped encourage, provide for, love and show that Christ has a hopeful future for him. One of the orphanages that he went to, is now providing for him to attend college in a few months. A huge opportunity for him! I helped him fill out his college application and get everything in order to be accepted. While he was filling it out, he came to Fred and I and asked us if we would sign as his parents/guardians for the form as he didn’t have anyone. We were humbled and offered to be “anyone” or do “anything” he needed us to be/do. We are blessed to be a part of this young mans life and so happy that he feels loved and has hope that only Christ can give him. I know God will do amazing things through him.

Please pray for him as he starts an exciting new journey.

I presented him with his acceptance letter the other day, with joy and sadness, because I didn’t want him to leave in a few months. I said, will you really come back when you’re done with school? 

He responded by saying…

‎”Before I came to Good News, I had no family, no parents, no friends, no hope, no future. Holly, now I can tell you, I have a family, I have parents/guardians, I have friends. But more importantly, I have hope. I have a future. I used to be called “the hopeless one” but now, I know God has a plan for me…I will be back, this is my home, this is where I belong.”


 For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the Lord, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future. Jeremiah 29:11


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Thankful for peace in Kenya

Thank you for praying for peace in Kenya during elections. After results were announced their was initial riots however police were able to control and stop them.  Praise God nothing has continued. Their are rumors of vote rigging during election, we thank God that this will be handled in court and not on the street. If all continues to be peaceful we will head back to Kisumu on Thursday. Thank you for standing with us in prayer, support and encouragement.


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Election Update

Kenya’s Election Update: Thank you for praying for Kenya’s Election. They are still in the process of tailing votes for the outcome. So far things seem to be peaceful in Kenya, with only a little violence the morning of elections, with several police officers being shot. We’ve heard that their are many police officers stationed all over Kisumu and Kenya to help secure safety. Please pray that after results are announced, peace will remain in Kenya. If you want to read more on the election, here is a great article-

Kenya’s 2013 Election

We safely made it to Tanzania this weekend. We thank God that funds were provided to ensure our families safety during the election.

We are staying at a Lutheran Conference Center in Moshi, Tanzania, right next to beautiful Mount Kilimanjaro!




Lucy also went on her first playground!


Lucy is loving the playground where we are staying this week! She has now mastered one of the few english sentences she knows…’I want to go play!’ Thank you God for some much needed family time 🙂

We will keep you updated on the elections and atmosphere in Kenya. We are praying for the best. So far, we are very impressed by the peace and security in Kenya and pray that this will carry on after the results.

Thanks for always supporting, encouraging and caring for us.

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