Only for Him

Since I moved here in August, God has continued to show us ways that we can have an impact on the community in our daily lives. Most of the time God reveals things to us through other people and this situation is no different.

After Fred and I got married, a widow from our church (who has given birth to 18 children) continued to bless our family. Every week she would come over with fresh vegetables from her garden for our family. The first time she came, I was grateful and touched by her gift. It’s sometimes difficult to receive gifts like these because we can afford to eat every day, while this woman and others in the community, might go without food some days.

This widow kept on giving, every week for almost 3 months she would bring more and more over, once even a chicken! God started to reveal to me her joy in giving. After the first few months of being in Kenya, the joy of giving I had started to slip away. The need is so vast, people’s request for assistance was continual and I was growing weary. I’m someone that loves to give, support and be of assistance, but I was growing weak.

I was in prayer about this for a while, because God continued to show blessings to my family financially, we were and are okay, why was I not happy to support someone who needed help?

I’m grateful that God used this widow to bring new joy to my life. Part of my struggle with giving, was that it was almost always, someone coming to ask for support. As a family we were never able to say we wanted to help someone without being noticed, without receiving the glory, without looking like the providers. 

ImageA few months ago we started to anonymously give away monthly Food Basins, basins filled with food for the family, vegetables, fruits, bead, milk, meat, maize, beans, rice, flour and soap. Fred goes to the market to do our monthly shopping and gets double of everything so we can fill a new basin (commonly used in household chores) with necessities for a family that needs an extra touch of God’s provision and love that month. After everything is finished, we pray over the Food Basin and for the family, we bring it to a local shop and give them a number to call to collect their items. We tell the shop employee, a good friend, not to reveal who has donated these items for the family, but that the provision is directly from their Heavenly Father.

Why does this bring me so much joy? Because it’s for His Glory. From His hand to theirs. He is the provider, we are the vessels. It’s always a joy to be used by God. To sacrifice for God. To have Him be noticed, and us work in the background. What an honor to love the least of these through His strength and provisions.

This simple touch of giving has renewed my joy in giving. Even as other requests come in throughout the month for assistance, God’s joy in me is fervent. We continue to seek God in supporting the communities every day needs that come up and ask for discernment and guidance in how we support and give.

I’m not sharing this to boast. I’m sharing this to challenge you. How can you help your community? How can you go the extra mile for a family in need? It’s funny- God fixed my un-joyful heart in giving….by challenging us to give more.

This is my journey to more…more of Him, more of His joy, more of His direction, more of His grace, more sacrifices, for Him!



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