Opposites attract :)

One of the biggest ways that Fred and I are different from each other is his talent for music and worship. We are similar in the sense that we both love music and worship, but if I were ever to sing with a microphone, the church would be empty, that is for sure. 

Fred has a passion for worship and loves helping people feel the presence of God through music, and he does a beautiful job at it. It’s amazing to watch him worship and see how people are touched by God by his music. I always knew Fred was good at singing, but not until after I got married to him did I realize how much people loved him leading them into worship on Sunday morning. 

The first month we were married we traveled around to our different church branches and every church we visited invited Fred to come up to lead worship. It’s safe to say that he has a God given anointing when it comes to worship.

Our worship team has has the opportunity to produce a CD and record some special songs. They have been traveling to a nearby city, Eldoret to see the studio and work towards their final project. In March they will go for their final studio session. 

Here are some pictures from their last visit. Keep them in your prayers as their music would continue to touch peoples hearts. 




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