Unexpected Visitors

This evening, Lucy and I had walked to our local shop to get some milk for dinner. As I started coming up the stairs back to our apartment I heard a group of girls shuffling their feet pushing one another forward to knock on our door. 7 girls from my Sunday School class unexpectedly showed up at our apartment this evening.


I’ve always heard, if you want to learn hospitality, come to Africa. I’ve seen and learned over the years, that in Kenya you don’t have to call somebody or set a time for someone to come over. I remember thinking before I moved here how much I would love to have visitors and that dealing with that culture issue would never be a problem for me. Well, I take that back. There are some days where it’s almost impossible to get something done because people are coming to the door constantly, to visit, to share news, to ask for prayer or for financial assistance.  Sometimes these visits are encouraging, while sometimes the constant need and assistance is draining. 

However, I wanted nothing more than to invite these 7 girls into our home. A few weeks ago three of them stopped by, I gave the juice and cookies and they were shy and continued to giggle on the coach every time I talked. I told them that time, that I love having them at my house, but if they come, they need to talk to me, they can’t just giggle the entire time. Of course when I said that…they giggled again. That afternoon the slowly opened up and started to ask me questions…What is America like, what do you eat, is everyone rich….and so on. I’m use to these questions, at times I get frustrated with them. I’m thankful that today our visit with these girls was a little different…

They came in, at first sat shyly on the coach as they looked at one another to talk. I went to the kitchen to get some juice and snacks. When I came back they had lots of questions. But this time, the questions were real questions….
How did you know you wanted to be a missionary?
When will Jesus come back?
What is heaven like?
How do you share your faith?

Fred, Lucy and I sat with these girls for over an hour. I couldn’t help but ask God, why these 7? Why did you bring these girls into our home this evening? These girls have continued to excel in our Sunday School class, they range from 9-12 years old. 

Please join me in prayer for these girls. My heart is leading me to a Girls Small Group in my home, doing Bible Studies, learning about girl stuff and finding their identity in Christ.

Most High School students are boarders, so having a consistent Youth Group is difficult as these students study across the country.  We have found that it is best to reach High School students during their school breaks by hosting Youth Camps. I believe that ages 9-14 are great to reach the students before they go to High School to help them prepare for boarding life and to influence their morals and beliefs before High School. We reach that age group in Sunday School, but Sunday School ages varies dramatically (3-14), so having a focused age group for a Girls Small Group, might be the answer.

God moved in our home this evening, I’m excited to see where He will continue to lead. 


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