Lucy’s first day of school


This week Kenya schools started their school year. Fred and I had been in prayer and discussion on which school would be best for Lucy. Lucy has gone to school for three years when she lived in the village, however the standard of education from the village to the city is very different. We wanted the best for Lucy and we weren’t sure what that looked like. 

Yesterday we visited a school called St. Anne’s, one of Fred’s groomsmen is a teacher at this school. We had him over for lunch last week and I had the opportunity to ask him a ton of questions.  The school has continued to perform high in the nation and region. Nyakwaka, the teacher, said St. Anne’s was most known for it’s Early Education Development. And right now, that is what Lucy needs a lot of. After visiting the school they also ensured us that if needed, Lucy would be able to receive some one-on-one attention to help her catch up.  

The school, set up and structure are very different from what she is use to. Her school in the village was taught in Luo, her tribal language, while this school is taught in English. Please help us by praying for her as she starts at this school. Although their are differences, she is thrilled to join school! 


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