Christmas in Kenya

I can’t believe Christmas is here and gone already! 

Christmas with Fred’s family was a great success! We had all 5 siblings here for Christmas, Fred’s dad and sister Evelyn husband and four children. It was a packed apartment, for three days as we celebrated and visited with one another. 

Most Kenyan’s don’t receive gifts on Christmas, they just get excited to eat meat (an uncommon meal because it’s expensive) and they hope for a new dress or outfit. Fred and I decided to ask the sewing school teacher to help make shirts and dresses for the entire family. Everyone was so happy to receive them. 


Fred’s three brothers stayed a week longer in Kisumu while they were on school break. It was nice to have them here with us, show them around the city and have some dedicated time to pour into their lives. All three of these guys are great men and respect Fred so much, as he is the oldest child (birth order is very significant in Kenya.) So having them in our home, setting a Christ-like example for them was nothing but enjoyable. 


On December 23rd we had a huge celebration in church as we moved into our new property and building. Different groups presented songs, dances, dramas, we had a wonderful meal together, played games and had a gift exchange. The widows and some orphans were transported to Kisumu for this celebration, it was great to have them here with us and celebrate Christmas.


After the rest of the family left last week, Lucy was able to open her presents sent from Grandma and Great Grandma. She LOVES  her new dolls! Great choice Grandma, thank you so much! 


Christmas night we had the chance to Skype with family as they were waking up Christmas morning. Everyone loved it and Fred’s family even Christmas Caroled via Skype! Image

Christmas was definitely different this year. But it was great to begin new traditions in Kenya. This Christmas season we are thankful for family, both near and far. Even though we couldn’t be with our entire family, we are thankful that the joy of our Savior’s birth dwelt in our home. 

Thank you Jesus.



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