Transforming lives in Jesus name

This Christmas widows in our sewing school will be able to provide for their families and provide education for their children next year. Thank you to many of you who have purchased aprons this Christmas, they have made over 90 aprons. Check out this picture of a huge order we hard for Lake Geneva School cooks! A new shipment of 50 aprons will be sent in January, private message me if you are interested in an apron that helps transform lives in Jesus name.



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2 responses to “Transforming lives in Jesus name

  1. Victoria Harjung

    Holly, I would like to have the information for the aprons to present the opportunity for myself and my fellow kitchen workers at the Fort Atkinson school district to purchase them and help support your efforts. They look awesome and I know we could get a nice order together for you. Thanks and I am so proud of you for not only following your dream, but living it.
    Victoria Harjung

  2. Victoria Harjung

    Hi Holly,

    Hopefully one of my messages will get to you about an order for some of these aprons. I work at the Fort Atkinson High School in the morning as a breakfast cook and I would like to present this to my co-workers at our next Advisory Meeting January 8th and see if we can get an order together for you and the ladies that make these.

    So if you could let me know, how much they cost, etc. that would be great!

    Victoria Harjung


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