Fun in October!

Wow, it has been a long time since I have written, I think it resembles the craziness of our lives in the last 6 weeks!

While it was a crazy month of October, it was an unforgettable month and we are blessed by all of the ways that God has used us.

Check out pictures of our month of October!

October was our favorite month so far, because we had awesome friends visiting us from Canada. They were a HUGE blessing to our live and to the ministry.


Fred was busy heading up our preschool project, the school will open when school resumes in January.


It was our first time to attend the Good News Church in Ouya Village ūüôā The¬†congregation¬†is small, but powerful!¬†Image

Fred and I had the chance to meet with 20 new orphans and their guardians to gather information to find a sponsor for them to continue their education, recieve heatlh care and food assistance. God is good! It was a blessing to pray with these families, trusting God would provide a sponsor for them soon. Image

Alaina and Brenton helped teach the widows how to make paper beads out of recycled paper. We are hoping after some more practice that these women will be able to use this talent to create an income for their families. Image

Lucy spent a week with us in the village helping us with ministry, we’ve learned that she is excellent at throwing mud. Uh-oh!¬†Image

The sewing school has received an order of 60+ aprons for the holidays! They have been working hard at making them the past several weeks. If you are interested in an apron, let us know! Image

We made tacos for the first time in Kenya. Mom sent a delicious package of taco shells, taco seasoning, guacamole mix and tortilla chips! YUM! Image

We are blessed by your prayers and support! We thank God for a fun and most of all productive month. We realize more and more everyday, in the joy and in the sorrows, that this isn’t a job, this is our calling. And we are thrilled and honored to be doing the work we do for the Lord.¬†Image



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3 responses to “Fun in October!

  1. Holly I love reading how you are doing in your new home with your new husband and family & friends. What a blessing it is to know your calling and have the faith you have in God. Please send me your address. Hugs, Victoria

    • Thanks Victoria! I always appreciate your encouragement! I’ll let you know when we send our next order and I’ll make sure you get one!
      Our address is:
      Holly & Fred Okoth
      Po Box 3944
      Kisumu, Kenya
      Thanks again, hope you’re well!

  2. P.S. How do I order a apron? They are gorgeous!

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