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Sunday School in Kenya

This past week has been very interesting. For the past five years, this time of year I was training youth leaders and preparing for youth program kick off’s in America. This week, I prepared to train youth leaders and programming for youth programs, in Kenya. It’s crazy how much can change and how much can stay the same. I’ve realized how much my training and experiences as a Youth Director for 5 years has benefited me as I prepare to work with children and youth in Kenya, however I’ve also realized the world of difference they actually are.
While I’ve enjoyed planning, it’s also been difficult trying to prepare with no budget and almost no resources for children and youth ministry. I had a great time with a few youth leaders earlier this week and I’m excited for what is to come. God is using these obstacles to expand our mind and it’s been a fun journey. I’m excited to work with the leaders to help these children and youth grow in there faith. I’m also praying that God brings up more leaders that have a heart for Kenya’s next generation that can help bring this program to the next level.

I taught Sunday School this week and I was so impressed by a group of our older kids. They came in early on Sunday morning to practice leading worship for our Sunday School class. I’m so proud of their dedication and love for God. They did a fantastic job and I look forward to working more with them as they continue to grow to be leaders among their peers.

Please join me in prayer as I work together with the leaders to see how we can effectively reach Kenya’s next generation with the word and love of God.


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