The day we said, “I do!”

We’re married! Over two weeks later, reality is slowly hitting me. In the last month so much has happened; it has taken weeks to mentally digest everything. While I was very excited for my wedding day, I was also very nervous. I remember last August when Fred and I decided to have the wedding in Kenya, I was happy and broken hearted. I believed that my wedding day would be one of the saddest days of my life. I was nervous because of this before the wedding. I remember countless times praying to God over the last year asking for joy, contentment and happiness on my wedding day. I didn’t want to be in tears because of everyone that wasn’t there; instead I wanted to thank God for who was there and be thankful that God had brought Fred and I together.

I can’t tell you how faithful God was in answering this prayer. Honestly, I can’t recall a happier day in my life. Every time I looked at my family, I thanked God. I thanked God for providing for them to be there, for putting people in their life to encourage them to come and for loving Fred and I. Every time I looked at Fred, I was filled with joy. I consider myself a very joyful person, but I’m thankful that God has given me a man that brings much more joy to my life every day.

It was a beautiful day; I remember looking around at all of the people who attended the wedding, being in awe of their love and support for us. Unlike a wedding in America, I had very little to do with the preparations of the wedding day. Even if I had been living in Kenya for the last year, I still would have had very little responsibility.  A wedding committee of 20+ people committed their time, talents and finances to make our special day stress-free and wonderful.

I felt as if this wedding day was more than a wedding day but a welcoming into the community, family and ministry. Since our wedding, I feel more a part of this community, culture and family than I ever have.

If you haven’t seen the wedding video yet, enjoy!

How you know you got married in Kenya:

1. You receive 10 goats as a wedding present.
2. You receive 4 chicken as a wedding present.
3. You get sun burnt…bad.
4. You take a cold bucket shower the morning of your wedding.
5. You have to dodge cows on the road on your way to the wedding grounds.
6. You actually feed everyone the cake.
7. You show up an hour late to your own wedding.
8. You have a wedding committee of 20+ plan and prepare for your wedding.
9. You recite Songs of Solomon during your wedding vows…If you aren’t sure what Songs of Solomon says, look it up in the Bible, you’ll be surprised.
10. A South African Army Dance Team “Zangelewa”  bombards your wedding.
11. After returning from pictures you are greeted at the gate by 50+ women singing and dancing.
12. The train of your wedding dress is has turned brown from the sand.
13. Groomsmen and bridesmaids dance down the aisle.
14. You sweat more the day of your wedding then any other day of your life.
15. You are filled with joy that runs so deep and true it can only comes from the Father.

Check out more of our wedding day photos here:

Thank you to everyone who kept us in prayer during our wedding week. It was a very busy and overwhelming week, but very enjoyable with my family here. Fred and I appreciate all of your messages, cards, text messages, e-mails and Facebook posts and comments, they are such an encouragement to us. I know Fred is very eager to meet all of you very soon! 🙂



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3 responses to “The day we said, “I do!”

  1. Helen Endl

    I felt like I was there! What a tender, sweet video…I cried through the whole thing! Praying for you, Fred, and Lucy as you start your journey as a family. God’s blessings!!

  2. Love you, Mom

    I cannot explain the joy, love and contentment I felt when I was in Kenya…the second time was a little different than the first time:) The time we had together will be memories I will cherish forever. I loved every minute if it. Your wedding day could not have been any more perfect. It was a beautiful day for a beautiful couple. God is good.
    Love and miss you both lots,
    Mom xoxoxo
    Give Eddie a hug for me and dad 😉

  3. Beaming Micky

    I am sitting with tears in my eyes – happy tears. And I am beaming with excitement and joy for you and your man and God’s plan for the two of you. This is beautiful, Holly. Truly beautiful. YEAH! x

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