Each day is getting better and better!
It’s hard to describe the past two weeks in Kenya. As each day passes by I’m feeling more and more at home, physically and emotionally. The biggest challenge that I’m dealing with is my indpendence. I was very independent in the States, and I was able to do things freely as I wanted, when I wanted and how I wanted. As you can imagine that changes a lot when you switch cultures and add Fred to that. We are both learning and growing together on how to do things “our way, when we want, how we want.” Including Fred in my decisions isn’t so much the hard part, but being so dependnet on Fred to complete many tasks is a bit of a struggle. As much of a struggle it is to loose some of my independnece, it’s also bringing us closer together. I’m amazed on how God hasn’t only called me to serve and love these Kenyans, but he put a Godly Kenyan man by my side, as we help one another serve our brothers and sisters. I can’t imagine how this transition would look like if I didn’t have Fred in my life.
Fred and I met with James and Vangie to discuss upcoming ministry plans.  We are excited for everything to hit the ground running! However, they assured us that they do not want us to do any ministry until after the wedding. Even though we are anxious for future ministry plans, we both agreed that it’s important to take things slow right now as I continue to adjust to full-time life here. Our first focus after the wedding will be on children and youth ministry in Kisumu. We will aso work on developing a structured orphan sponsorship in the village.  James and Vangie have asked us to pray about taking over ministry in the village.  While we knew that the Children’s Village (orphanage) would be in our future, the entire village ministry is new and exciting news. We are praying about this as well as asking questions of relocating closer to the village.
We both enjoy life in Kisumu as it’s much easier than the village, but we both agree if the village ministry is what God is calling us to, then want to be living by who we are serving. We are open to whatever God has, it just raises a lot of questions for now and the future. All of this makes us excited to see how God will use us. Hopefully we will be able to share more about this as God reveals more of His purpose for us. Please join us in praying, that we may not miss out on what God has for us and that we would be at peace for our future plans.
Wedding Update: Since I’ve been here, we have met with the wedding committee twice. I’m continually thankful for their dedication to us strating our life together. It’s a beautiful resemblance of the communal way of life that Kenya has. While I may not be the one making all the decisons as  “the bride” I’m thankful that this wedding day is about our community and the people who have poured into our lives over the years. It should be a fun day filled with celebration! A missionary friend is making a video of our wedding and he will post it on Facebook as soon as it’s done, hopefully within the first week!
Life Update: We have been able to get some basic necesisites for our apartment. This was something I wanted to do right away because my family is coming next week, I wanted to make sure we had everything set. It’s been fun going to the market and pick out hand mand furniture. Another big change for me, is preparing meals everyday. While Fred has always done that, I certainly haven’t! In the States, I enjoyed ready made dishes and take out :). It’s been fun though cooking together and learning how to prepare Kenyan dishes, and of course challenge their taste buds with some American dishes!
Internship update:I’ll be starting my internship at Agape Ministries in September. I’m excited to see how God will use this opportunity to help me in the future. I have yet to meet with the staff at Agape to talk speciics, but I know that it will be a great experience.
Prayer Requests: Please keep my family in your prayers as they are traveling to Kenya. My mom leaves on August 1st and my sisters and Dad leave on August 6th.

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