May Update: Missions, Moving & Marriage!

May 2012 Update: Missions, Moving & Marriage

It’s hard to believe that something God put in my heart years ago is coming to fruition in just a few short months! Right around the corner I will be graduating college with a degree in social work, moving to Kenya to do mission work full-time and marrying a wonderful man that shares the same heart for missions as I do.  The past six years of traveling to Kenya part-time, continuing my education and serving at Trinity as the youth director have been a transforming part of my journey that God has used to lead me to this point. Though I will greatly miss this chapter of life and all of my family and friends at home, I am excited to be on the path to what God has in store next.

For the past 6 years, I have partnered with an organization in Kenya called Good News Community Center.  Their mission is to dImageevelop sustainable projects for widows and orphans that provide regular income, education and basic healthcare.  While I am in Kenya serving with Good News, I will be working on the beginning stages of developing our first orphanage and boarding school, called “Children’s Village”.  I will use my first year in Kenya to intern at a well-developed orphanage, Agape Children, and learn the structure of establishing a safe haven for orphans. I am eager to start this new adventure and use my education in social work to help serve the community more effectively.

On July 17th, 2012, I will be officially moving to Kisumu City, Kenya, where Fred and I will base our Imagemission work from. While we hope to come back to Wisconsin for visits and furloughs, this will be our home as Fred and I both feel called to missions in Kenya at this point in our lives. Please keep me in your prayers as I adjust to the Kenyan culture and life. Fred and I will be looking to regular support from our friends and family in the United States to provide for our basic living expenses, as we will not receive income for our work. This is something we are stepping out in faith on, yet we know that our God will take care of all our needs as devote our entire lives to serving others.

Fred and I met through Good News in 2008 and have continued to serve beside each other since that Imagetime. Fred is a native to Kenya and serves with Good News as an associate pastor and translator. It is our hope that by 2014, Fred and I will be able to return to the U.S. and you will have the opportunity to meet him. But until then, we are eagerly anticipating August 11, 2012 (August 11 at 2am Central Standard Time) to say I do! The wedding will take place in Kisumu, and while we understand it will be difficult for most of you to join us physically, we hope you will join us through celebrating in thought, prayer, and facebook pictures.


Thank you for all your support and encouragement during these milestones in our lives. Be on the lookout for the next update, which will include even more opportunities to join us in this journey to more.

In Christ,

Holly Camalieri & Fred Okoth



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2 responses to “May Update: Missions, Moving & Marriage!

  1. Lori Bee


    It is a joy and inspiration to watch you step into your future and the path that God set out before you. You are a blessing, and I am so proud of you. My heart will miss you, but my heart will be full of hope knowing you are doing what God asks of you. Fred is an incredible man of God, and i am excited to see the work that God will do through you both.

    I look forward to returning to Africa one day, and in the mean time, you can count on me for support of all kinds!

    Love you.

  2. Stacey heiar

    Hi Holli. Hope all is well. The Heiars are doing great. We will be adding Heiars #5 here in about 7 weeks. We re all very excited. We are so excited for your upcoming adventures also. what excitement. congratulations on your upcoming wedding. Take care. So great to see your blog.

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