Well Challenge

I have been completely humbled by the support and energy that has been behind the Well Challenge this Lent season.  For those of you who are unaware, many of us stood together during the past 40 days to fast from something that costs us money.  Some fasted from drinking soda, or their daily Starbucks Coffee, while others fasted from eating out or going to the movies.  The challenge was to take the money that you would spend on this, and donate it to help provide a well in Kenya, which would provide clean drinking water for so many in need.  The challenge didn’t end there, but we asked that people continued to remember our Kenyan family in there prayers so that they would receive clean drinking water.Image

I have been so encouraged to see the dozens and dozens of water bottles that have returned with donations. This evening I had an Awana family come in with excitement as they returned their water bottle after fasting for over 40 days knowing that they were taking part in providing a well for a village in Kenya.  It has brought me such joy to see people walk in on Sunday morning with a water bottle filled with donations to help provide a well. These aren’t just donations, but these are donations that people have sacrificed for, so that our brothers and sisters around the world could receive clean drinking water. God has continued to show me many different elements of the body of Christ, and again this stands true to show the true beauty of the body of Christ.  I believe Jesus is looking down on us with pride, as we continue to help our family in Christ all over the world.

If you participated in this challenge, I lack words of appreciation.  I am not only thankful for you, but honored that you are standing with us as we unite with our family in Christ.  You are indeed a special blessing in my life as well as being a part of changing and improving lives in Kenya in the name of Jesus.

Asante sana, Mungu akubariki- this means, Thank You and God Bless you in Swahili

Watch this video to learn more about the challenge!

If you would still like to donate to the Well Challenge or bring this challenge to your church/ organization please contact me, we would be blessed to partner with you!


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